Iguazu Falls Tour from Argentina


The Iguazu Falls next to Perito Moreno are two of the most famous and spectacular excursions you can do in Argentina. They are two places so different, and also, they are in such opposite environments that make this country rich in diversity, large in size and with a beauty difficult to overcome.

What do you need to know about Iguazu Falls?

Visit for free

The visit is free, but you can hire an excursion that includes transportation to the falls. Then once there you can do more excursions such as the boat trip or some hiking route.

Border between 3 countries

If in the world we talk about waterfalls and put on the table the largest and most spectacular we would talk about Victoria Falls in Africa, Iguazu in South America and Niagara in North America. There will be higher and even more photographed, but the queens are undoubtedly these three.

Iguazu Falls are among Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, but the country that has the best views is Argentina, due to the proximity to the falls, although Brazil has the panoramic photo par excellence of all the falls.

How much time do you need to see Iguazu?

Iguazu can be seen in one day, but in a day arriving early and at a rapid pace. In Iguazú if you want to see everything you will need to go with some hurry and if you also want to do the boat excursion You will need one more day.

Devil's throat

If you go with little time we recommend that you go directly to the Devil's throat and then do the boat trip. With these two activities you will get the best of Iguazú and both can be done in one day.

What is the best time to visit the Iguazu Falls?

The best time to visit the Iguazu Falls is between september and november, although it is worth the whole year. From June to August it is winter and temperatures can drop to 10º. Already in summer, in January or February, the weather is wetter and perhaps it is more pleasant to get wet than in winter. We went in April, in autumn, and it was fabulous.

Excursion to the Iguazu Falls

Planning the trip (curiosities)

On our trip to Argentina (you can see the itinerary in what to see in Argentina), the final shot was to finish at the Iguazu Falls, a perfect farewell in a very different environment than the one we were coming from, el Chaltén,Fire land and the Patagonia.

Devil's throat

Move from a snowy environment, with alpine landscapes and high mountain temperatures, to a tropical landscape, humid and with temperatures around 30 degrees, it is something that does not happen in many countries, but Argentina is one of the great exceptions of our spectacular planet.

Devil's throat

Almost at the last moment we decided to visit the falls. Getting to Iguazu is relatively simple. The Iguazu Falls are a very, very accessible place, as there are several flights a day. In fact we we fly early, on the flight of Norwegian 9 o'clock and we returned on the 21:30 flight, although if you have more time, it is best to sleep there and return the next day. As our planning was tighter we did it that way, and the truth, more than perfect. Time to spare and a dream trip closure.

Visit to the falls

Upon entering Iguazu you can take a map of the area. You will see that besides being huge, there are different routes with very different views and some by boat very, very exciting. The boat trip we recommend that you take it hired or reserve it immediately upon entering, since you run the risk of running out of seats.

See excursions in Iguazú

In the Argentina section of Iguazú there are three routes well marked, the walk of the Devil's throat (1,100m), theupper ride (1,550m) and the lower circuit (1,400m). Besides, there is the boat route of Iguazú Jungle that starts from the Macuco jetty.

At the entrance of Iguazú you can buy food, cheaper than inside (empanadas in half), there is an ATM and a bus and taxi stand

Touring Iguazu

As soon as you enter, the first thing you do is take a train as if it were an amusement park until thelong catwalk from the Garganta del Diablo, the best viewpoint in the whole park. It is impressive to walk over the river through this walkway. The amount of water is brutal and the birds and the whole scenario is unique. When you arrive at the Garganta del Diablo, independent of the many tourists taking selfies, you are speechless about what nature is capable of doing. Only with this view is it enough to think that the trip was worth it.

Train in the Iguazu Falls

In the Devil's throat You will see that you get soaked, get wet, steam leaves the bottom of the waterfall and hits tourists and their cameras, but nothing happens. It is such a show that it is worth staying there for as long as it takes.

Devil's throat

From there, you return along the same walkway to take the train again and make the routes of the upper ride and lower circuit. Also, if you have reserved the most amazing experience of the park, the boat circuit.

On the tour, even in the restaurants of the park, it is easy to see both monkeys and coatis. Beware of the former, they steal food and even cameras from tourists

Boat tour (Iguazú Jungle)

For 2,000 pesos you can make the most beautiful and fun excursion in the whole park. You will travel 6km from the river to the falls and you will navigate between rapids at the foot of the falls.

Boat trip in Iguazu

The views are incredible and the adrenalin It will maximize you every time the ship enters the foam or steam of each one of them.

Boat trip in Iguazu
Boat excursion

You are going to get wet up. Bring a swimsuit and towel. There they give a waterproof bag, since everything that does not go inside is going to get wet up, including you :).

Practical data

How to get?

There are currently two companies that fly daily to the Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires. We returned with Norwegian and we left a flight 4 days in advance about € 120 round trip the same day.

Search flights to Iguazu

How much does the visit to the park cost?

The normal entrance costs 700 pesos, but once inside there are optional excursions, such as by boat on the riverbed. Most of the people who visit the Iguazu Falls do so with a hired excursion that includes transportation, visit the park, a night at the hotel and cruise.

Hire excursion to Iguazu

What clothes to wear?

Iguazu is one of the most places humid and warm from Argentina. In addition, it is frequent that it rains and the different roads that travel around the waterfall make it latent that the water and the force of nature really wet, especially if there is wind. A raincoat, light clothing (swimsuit) and comfortable footwear is the best choice for visiting Iguazu.

What schedule do you have?

The park is open all year from 8am to 6pm.

Where to sleep?

Here are several recommended hotels both within the National Park and in Puerto Iguazú, the closest town to the falls and where the viewpoint of the three borders.

  • Great Melia Iguazu. The best hotel and the best located (inside the park)
  • Cabins the Mensu Shelter. Nice cabins in Puerto Iguazú
  • Rainforest Hotel Selva. Modern hotel with pool

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