Indonesia. Trekking in Rinjani National Park - Part 2


1:45 in the morning, our alarm sounds and a swipe makes you lose your batteries. It's time to get up and have breakfast as quickly as possible. The summit ofRinjani (3746m) awaits us with the sky completely clear. 8 degrees of temperature at 2650m, so we expect between 2/3 degrees on top.

Trekking in Rinjani National Park - Part 2

Day 2

2 degrees may not seem like an excessively low temperature, but when you have been 15 days with temperatures of 35 degrees and 90% humidity, the body arrives badly acclimatized to withstand these temperatures.
We start at night, we arm ourselves with our front and we start walking. We see a series of groups ahead of us, about 20 people. At the beginning the path is simple, with some inclination, but as we take height, the ground becomes a sliding corridor in which every two steps, you advance only one. All because of erosion and the large amount of sand, typical in any volcano in the world.

4 hours later we reach the summit and see several people covered with blankets. The cold is noticeable and the views are not as pretty as in the Bromo volcano in Java, but they have their charm. From here we see Bali, the Gili Islands and the rest of the Lombok Island. People gradually begin to fill the small space in the summit, so we decided to start down, since it is not necessary to use the front.

From the summit of Rinjani

Before starting down, we turn right and begin to see the Lake lodged in the Crater. Sunbeams have not yet entered, so we think that another early bird to see our 2nd sunrise, makes no sense.

Going down to the lake

Already totally during the day, we are gradually approaching the beautiful Lake. Our minds do not think about it, but about natural hot springs from which hot water comes from the bowels of the volcano. The descent is very slow, full of stones and steps in which we must be careful. The heat is overwhelming and the shadows are scarce. It's almost 700 meters down from the camp.

Fishing in the Lake

We arrive at the lake and we can rest for 5 minutes on the shore of the lake. We take off our shoes and put our feet in the water. How cold!! But how rewarding. On the edges of the lake, there are many herds of fish that curiously live in these latitudes. Many locals fish here and have set up a small camp for people who want to spend the night in it. After the break, we started looking for thermal waters, located just 5 minutes from the lake.

Hot Springs in Rinjani

Upon arrival, we were able to choose from a multitude of pools, each with a different temperature. The higher, more heat. Very similar to those found in Tabacon (Costa Rica). It costs a lot to get into the water, it was already at a temperature of 41 degrees, or so that marked my watch. The smell of rotten egg invades the water, because of sulfur, but you don't care, you're in paradise.

Lake in Rinjani

After the SPA session, we begin our journey again, bordering the Lake to the last camp. We have at least 600 meters of climb.

Lake in Rinjani

Continuing the path, we begin to climb a fairly steep hillside into a thick forest. At many points we must put our hands, and even stairs and bars have been put in place for people to have additional support. It is not dangerous, but we do hear a comment about this section in which many people had some vertigo. Perhaps it is more of descent than of ascent.

All the way, we leave the Lake behind us, with a spectacular photogeny. Photo after photo, we arrive at the camp and at the foot of this, there is the main image of Rinjani.

The store is placed at the foot of the cliff, with stunning views, whose best time of day is centered around 4 in the afternoon.


Day 3

The next day we get up early in order to reach the port of Lombok as soon as possible to the Gili.

Camp 2 in Rinjani

The descent, unlike the climb on the other side of the mountain, is mostly done by a jungle terrain. Very closed forest, with animal sounds everywhere. We saw several families of monkeys, quite scary, whose photos were complicated to take.

Jungle in Rinjani

After 3 hours and a half we arrived at the town of Senaru, end of our trekking. Senaru is a small town in the area, in which it is best to run, since there is absolutely nothing. Only some trekking agency, but with hardly any accommodation.

Practical data

When to go?

In the dry season, it covers the months from June to September. The rest of the year there is a possibility that clouds cover the volcano for weeks.

How to get?

From the city of Padangbai (Bali) leaves a fairly cheap ferry to the city of Lembar in Lombok. Its duration is 4 / 5h depending on the weather, so it forces us to spend a night in Lombok. Once in Lombok, we must move at least until Senggigi, place from where the vans that go to Rinjani leave. From Senggigi onwards there are many places from where you can hire Trekking. The cost from Bali is about 15/20 euros (shuttle + ferry + shuttle).

There is a fast ferry that only takes 1 hour and a half, and costs around 50 euros.

What to wear

In the case of being a trekking in which almost everyone is accompanied by porters, food and water is not a problem. Our luggage will be only mountain clothing and equipment. It is necessary that you wear a good front, sunscreen and warm clothes. Temperatures range between 0 degrees and 35, depending on the height and time of day.

There is no WC to use, everything in the field ... so apply.

Where to sleep?

In the camps destined for this purpose. Only with tent, there are no bungalows.

Travel insurance

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