What to see in Turkey in two weeks


One of the trips I have most saved in my memory was when we toured Turkey in two weeks. They were 15 fascinating days visiting the best monuments Greek on Turkish soil, a series of natural wonders that could perfectly be on another planet, Capadoccia and Pammukale, and one of the most captivating cities in Europe, IstanbulTurkey offers you many things and we encourage you to discover it.

Cappadocia - Turkey

What to see in Turkey in two weeks?

If I know, 15 days are too few for what we want to see, but if you set your mind and get up early every day goes with you, everything is possible. There is always the possibility of skipping a little thing, since there are countless Greek monuments and one can end up tired of so much relic.

If fifteen days are too much and you are going on an organized plan, there are operators that perform 9-day circuits. More information in this link.

To consider

Hire a rental car

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Airport Transfers

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Itinerary to tour Turkey in two weeks

15 days or two weeks give for what they give, but few trips will allow you to do as many things as in this one, you'll see !!! 15 days of vertigo where you can skip what suits you or follow our dizzying pace so you don't miss a drop. Turkey in two weeks It will be a trip that will mark you and you will not hesitate to return as it has happened to us.

The tour can be done both inrental car, public transport or organized circuit, you choose. This was our itinerary.

  1. Istanbul
  2. Travel to Cappadocia
  3. Cappadocia
  4. Aspendos Theater and Mount Olympus
  5. Lycian Tombs of Myra and Fethiye
  6. Pamukale and the ruins of Hierapolis
  7. Aphrodisias
  8. Priene and beach day
  9. Ephesus
  10. Pergamum
  11. Return to Istanbul

We have done this tour 3 times, one in an organized way and two renting a car for free. For us, without a doubt, the last one is the most comfortable, easy and safe way. It gives you freedom and you can travel at your leisure, as we like

Itinerary. Turkey in two weeks

Our journey begins in Istanbul, although the first time we did this tour we left from Ankara and the last 3 days we did them in Istanbul. It is more expensive to travel to Ankara, but the trip becomes much more comfortable and on top you earn a day of travel. Below we detail each of the days we spend in the country.

Days 1, 2 and 3

If you consider traveling in Turkey in two weeks, your first destination is sure Istanbul, since flight prices are cheaper than going to Ankara. Maybe 3 days are not many, but if you manage them well, you can see magnificent places in this incredible city located between two continents. The sites that we believe you should not miss are:

  • Basilica of Hagia Sophia, the icon of the city. Seeing Christian images with Muslim symbols is very rare. It has a cost of 25 lira.
  • Topkapi Palace. It has a cost of 25 lira and you want to see the harem of the ancient Sultan costs 15 lira more.
  • Blue Mosque. Your access is free but we will have to meet certain requirements with the outfit.
  • Tank from the Basilica of Istanbul. Cost 10 lira.
  • Galata Tower. Located in the modern part of the city, climbing to the top of this tower is a bag of 10 lira.
  • Taksim Square: meeting place and where the inhabitants of the city usually demonstrate.
  • He grand bazaar. Do not leave the city without haggling ...
  • Tour the Bosphorus Strait to the entrance to the Black Sea. Numerous ships leave at one end of the Galata Bridge. Don't miss the mackerel sandwich or sardine right where you buy the tickets !!!

Istanbul - Blue Mosque

Day 4

It’s time to get up early and a long road to head to Capadoccia. We put the direct and headed towards the city of Ankara. To leave Istanbul there are two bridges that pass to the Asian side and eye, are toll roads. Ankara takes slightly less than 5 hours and most of the journey is done by dual carriageway. As we go bad weather, I would recommend continuing your journey to the Cappadocia, wearing 3 hours and a half more on the way, which we can make a small stop at the great salt lake of Golu.

  1. Istanbul - Ankara by car
  2. Ankara - Lake Tuz - Cappadocia

This is one of the reasons why we recommend starting from Ankara. Ideal, round trip to Ankara and back to your city in Istanbul.

Day 5, 6 and 7

Who has not heard of a fairytale place in the middle of Turkey. That place is the Capadoccia, where they hide one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet and where thousands of people live in incredible caves. This place is ideal for getting lost and enjoying everything around us in a relaxed way. We recommend the following places:

  • Goreme: its valley hides an endless number of churches and houses carved into the rock, being a true open-air museum. To highlight the frescoes that are still preserved within religious buildings. Entrance fee 15 lira.
  • Uchisar: less touristy than Goreme but located in an even more spectacular environment. Its night image all illuminated is more than recommended. Gratuitous.
  • Fairy chimneys. Rock formations that look like giant mushrooms. A classic image of Capadoccia.
  • Zelve: similar to Goreme but smaller.
  • Some of the underground cities of Kaymakli ó Derinkuyu. Keep in mind that there are 36 cities !!! 10/15 lira.
  • See the Capadoccia in Balloon. 150/250€,
  • Trekking in the canyon of Ihlara and his large collection of rock-cut churches.

Cappadocia - Uchisar

Day 8

We return to the road to tour the 500 kilometers that separates Capadoccia from Aspendos theater. As the journey is very long, it is convenient to get up early and stop along the way at one of the old stops of the silk Road. This theater of Greco-Roman origin is considered one of the best preserved on the planet.

Once we get to Aspendos, we will visit it in the afternoon, just when the tourist circuits are over. Keep in mind that in this theater there are also nightly performances during the summer and should look at the calendar.

If the car you have not finished until the hat, two hours from Aspendos theater is the famous Mount Olympus and its famous fumaroles, which must be seen at night :-D. There are numerous hotels in the area so it can be the perfect climax to a very long day.

  1. Aspendos Theater
  2. Mount Olympus

Aspendos - Turkey in two weeks

Day 9

From the Mount Olympus we have less than two hours on the way to visit these rock-cut tombs, the tombs of Fethiye. They are located very close to some very well preserved Roman ruins in the town of Myra, with a theater worthy of admiration and little visited.

And as the day goes from ruins, we will end at Greco-Roman ruins of Patara very close to the sea and just an hour and a quarter from Myra.

  1. Lycian Tombs of Fethiye
  2. Myra Ruins
  3. Patara Ruins

Tombs of Fethiye - Turkey in two weeks

Day 10

We get back early because they wait for us 3 and a half hours of road to get to Pamukkale and its incredible calcium formations. As the Greeks saw that its waters had therapeutic properties they built the city of Hierapolis Being with Pamukkale deserves to spend more time on your visit. His theater is quite well preserved. Cost around 20/25 lire.

  1. Pamukkale
  2. Hierapolis

Pammukale - Turkey in two weeks

Day 11

From Pamukkale we have 1 hour and a half to the fascinating Greek city of Aphoridisias ó Aphrodisias. Everything is in an excellent state of preservation and the circus where races were held is almost intact, not forgetting the odeon and its great theater. At least 3 hours You will need to see this extensive and little visited city.

  1. Aphrodisias

After the visit we can go to Priene where we will spend the night after traveling less than 2 hours and half on the way

Aphrodisias - Turkey in two weeks

Day 12

At the top of the mountain and after doing a small hiking trail are the ruins of Pyrene, which may have the theater with the best views in all of Turkey. Your visit requires your time because to see them you have to make a real hiking route.

Visited the ruins we headed to Ephesus to An hour's walk. It is perhaps the most visited Greek city in all of Turkey, due to its excellent state of preservation and because numerous cruise ships stop at the port. As Ephesus It is very large, ideally spend the rest of the day in the Beach and visit it the next day. An interesting beach is that of Mocamp... You may be surprised to see bathe dressed people… .

  1. Pyrene
  2. Beach's day

Day 13

I recommend you get up early if you really want to see the city in peace and especially the great library of Ephesus. It is very large, but the cruise ships make their streets crowded with tourists from 11 in the morning. The entrance fee is 30 lira.

And what to say about Ephesus, which is perhaps the jewel in the crown of Turkey and for which many Greeks pull their hairs because they are not currently in their territory.

  1. Ephesus

Ephesus - Biblioteca-de-Celso

Day 14

Something more than two hours separates Ephesus from Parchment. The latter was one of the most important cities in the Greek world but currently part of the city is located in Germany!!! specifically in the pergamon museum, where it hosts the famous Altar of Zeus, eagerly requested by the Turkish government with no response from the Germans. Still there are many things that were not taken and that we should visit as the temple of trajan.

As you probably finish visiting after eating, we have two options. Go to Istanbul and stop to sleep halfway or make the trip the next day. We have something more than 6 hours of road.

  1. Pergamum

Pergamum - Turkey in two weeks

Day 15

Already back to Istanbul, this great trip ended knowing that we have traveled the best places in the country. Surely you will bring great memories !!!

Next we will detail each destination of this route in free travel

And to finish

Maybe you think the trip was a beating, but nothing could be further from the truth. Being able to see such a large number of monuments, two a day or so, made traveling Turkey in two weeks It was like 3 weeks, but it is certainly not made for all kinds of people, especially if you are looking for a very relaxed trip. A tour of the Istanbul Cappadocia type circuit can be an interesting option if you want to have everything tailored to you and in a more relaxed plan.