Is it worth visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid?


Suppose you plan to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid. You may have a free morning or just come to visit the capital of Spain and have it on your list. If so, you may have two or three days to get to know Madrid and all the hairs that it treasures, such as the Prado Museums, the Reina Sofia, the MAN or the Sorolla, the Gran Vía, the eternal Puerta del Sol, the Retiro, the Puerta Alcalá and why not, the Royal Palace. In the end, when you plan a visit, time is key and above all, you have to know how to select the best places.

You have to visit the Royal Palace if or if

Madrid is a city to meet. It takes no less than three days to be able to know it a little. There are many people who do not appreciate museums on trips and although Madrid hosts several of the best in the world, Madrid is not only museums. Visiting the Royal Palace is one of those attractions that not only travelers like or a short family visit, if not also those fleeing the museums, since the visit is short but very complete.

Royal Palace of Madrid with the Almudena in the background

As an anecdote and especially in spite of ourselves, we are from Madrid and until recently we had not entered the Royal Palace, sacrilege !, yes, but the wait was worth it, we loved it.

A little history

When visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid the first thing you have to do when entering is to take the brochure where the history and the rooms you can visit the palace appear. The Royal Palace of Madrid was built by Felipe V in the eighteenth century, although its origin dates back to the ninth century when it was built, by work of the muslim kingdom, a defensive building In the same place. This one centuries later was "turned" into the Alcazar of Madrid until 1734, when he suffered a disastrous fire which turned it into ashes forcing Felipe V to build the current palace that we all know in Madrid. Today it has undergone a series of changes mainly due to King Alfonso XII who modernized it and adopted it to the new system of reigning monarchy in Spain.

Old Alcazar of Madrid

What can you see in the Royal Palace of Madrid?

Visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid can take you about 2 hours, it all depends if you go with a guide, audio guide or free. Keep in mind that you cannot visit the entire complex, such as the Courtyard of the Prince, or areas reserved for the visits of the current kings of Spain.

Inside the palace, except in the main staircase, is prohibited to take pictures, something that hurts many of us in the soul and that of course must be respected. Below we describe the main points to know about the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Royal Palace Plan of Madrid


In the esplanade of the Almudena or the Royal Palace square is the heart of the visit. From there you can visit the Royal Palace, the viewpoint, the Royal Armory or temporary exhibitions. The place both in size and beauty impresses, as it should be in any palace, and in this case, it does not fall short, much less.

Madrid's royal palace

The Royal Armory

On one side of the palace we have the armory, created by Felipe II, and which gathers weapons from his father the emperor Carlos V and his ancestors. It is considered one of the collections of stop and tournament weapons Most important in the world.

Armory of the Royal Palace of Madrid

The palace

As soon as you enter the Royal Palace that spectacular staircase appears Sabatini and the sculpture of Carlos III as cesar. Apart from that, there are the paintings in the vault, as if all this greatness was ready to welcome you to this spectacular palace.

Of the Palace they emphasize its halls like the one of the columns, the Halberdiers or the one of Carlos III, the one of the silver or the one of porcelain and crystal. Apart are the antechambers and the gala dining room, the dining room that Alfonso XII created in 1879. One of the most visited places is the crown room, where are symbols such as the crown or the royal center. But the most representative hall of the entire Royal Palace is the throne room, superb and symbol of the greatness of the Spanish monarchy.

Madrid's royal palace
Madrid's royal palace

Viewpoint of the Campo del Moro gardens

The gardens of Campo del Moro they are wonderful, and although the views from the Royal Palace are not worth it, it is true that once outside the Palace and accessed by the main gate of the gardens The view changes dramatically. It is worth taking a good walk from the palace to access the main door, as you can see views as in the following photograph.

Campo del Moro

Practical data

Where to buy tickets?

If you don't want to wait for tickets, buy tickets from the Internet. It is usual to see long lines, sometimes more than an hour, of people who have not bought the ticket online, which you have to buy at least 24 hours in advance.

Buy tickets (you won't wait in line)

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When and how much does it cost to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid?

  • Winter time: 10 - 18h
  • Summer schedule: 10 - 20h
  • Rate: € 11 (Reduced rate € 6)
  • From Monday to Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., between October and March, and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., from April to September, the admission is free for citizens of the European Union.

How to get to the Royal Palace?

Direction: Plaza de Oriente

Visitor Access: door of the esplanade of the Almudena, corner Bailén Street

  • Bus: Lines 3, 25, 39 and 148
  • Subway: Lines 5 and 2 (Opera station)
  • Surroundings: Prince Pius Station

Other places you have to know about Madrid

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  • The Sorolla Museum
  • The Cibeles Fountain
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Tours in Madrid

For about € 20 you can do one of the many tours you can do in Madrid. From seeing the Santiago Bernabeu, excursions to Toledo or Avila, museums, galleries, on Segway, etc. Madrid gives for everything. Recommendable!.

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